Our first walk with Visuell

Our first walk with Visuell was made possible thanks to our Lana for Photoliu chair!

A while ago, our team ( Irina Pogonaru + Maria Burachu ) alongside Visuell team ( Sânziana Pop + Cătălin Georgescu ) sweet-talked their way into a beautiful project of constructive walks and visits.

From scouting new locations and carrying chairs, to styling the most wonderful decorations and capturing splendid images, all that so we can prove how perfectly the Lana for Photoliu chair blends in every interior!

The Lana for Photoliu chair is an elaborately crafted piece with an authentic look, perfectly blended into today’s modern spaces, but still proudly displaying hints of its original timestamp inspired by Romanian traditional art. The belief behind this project is that the knowledge and ethnic base should not be forgotten but rather reintegrated with the help of modern design. The object was designed collaboratively by Photoliu, Lana and Dizainăr.

In the words of Sanziana: “ is an important part of this new me, a project dear to my heart, for which I’ve worked thoroughly these past months. Visuell .ro is “my eye” or, in other words, it’s how I see the world. I wanted to create a brilliantly visual blog, a mirror for those who seek beauty. Whether I succeeded or not, you’ll be the judges.”

We hope you’ll enjoy and get inspired by this visually stunning project!















Produs - Lana pentru Photoliu

Styling - Visuell

Foto - Cătălin Georgescu

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