High Street Cardigans despre Photoliu

First of all, I started with some new chairs. And yes, I want each one to be different. Sure, I bought an Eames but my true love are still the elegant, 19th century inspired ones. That’s when I found a Romanian personalized furniture brand that made my day.

Photoliu makes bespoke furniture by updating classical pieces with beautiful patterns, -any kind,  geometric or floral,  you name it!
Plenty of blissfully colorful upholstery options to choose from. And it’s easy too, just enter their site, pick the frame, the color of the woodwork, then the upholstery onto which you can print anything. Lastly, the fine details that made your chair a high quality one. I loved the fact that the Photoliuteam is extremely careful when it comes to these last finishing details.”

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